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AHRQ Releases Annual Update on U.S. Healthcare Quality, Disparities

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has released its National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report, which details the state of healthcare quality and disparities in the United States. The report identifies improvements in HIV and colon cancer care, nursing home care, and medication prescribing to older adults. The report also indicates that more work needs to be done to address disparities in important areas. Among the findings, dental and oral health care services have not substantially improved, particularly for people with low income or who live in rural areas.

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Reimagining A Quality Information System For US Health Care

Recommendations include: a national data infrastructure that operates independent of practice setting; aligned multipayer incentives that support needed infrastructure investments; longitudinal patient-reported outcome measures captured both in-clinic and through mobile technologies; a series of robust regional demonstration projects to broaden stakeholder understanding and technical capability; and a governance mechanism that assures both simplification and alignment of methods.

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How does cost affect access to care?

In this chart collection, authors from the Peterson-Kaiser Family Foundation Health System Tracker explore trends in how costs affect access to care in the U.S. based on the National Health Interview Survey data through 2020. Health spending per person in the U.S. averaged almost $12,000 in 2020, nearly double the average in other large high-income countries.

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Creating Effective Health Care Markets

Disagreement about the role of markets lies at the root of many of our fiercest health care controversies. One side believes that unleashing market forces will rescue our health care system. From this viewpoint, government involvement is inherently destructive, except in rare circumstances. Many opponents of the Affordable Care Act share this opinion.

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What’s Coming Up in 2019 for GIH and Health Philanthropy?

In 2019, there are several trends we will be following. These trends show that, in general, funders are grappling with the changing environments of service delivery, health in communities, and organizational effectiveness.

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Who’s Rural?

Far too often, rural people are left out of the national conversation because of their geographical and social isolation from mainstream America. Yet they face significant health challenges.

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Grantmakers and the Health Care Workforce

Recently, I’ve written about issues that are top of mind with current and past GIH board members. My series concludes with a look at the health care workforce, a pressing and complex issue that encompasses aspects of quality, equity, and delivery system reform.

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Health Funders and the Fight for the Future of Health Care

As part of our 35th anniversary celebration, we reached out to GIH board members and board alumni to share their advice to health funders about the primary challenges that philanthropy should be tackling.

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Philanthropy Talks to Philanthropy

The annual conference showed again this year why it is the premier opportunity for health funders to talk to their peers about challenges, lessons learned, and the path forward.

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Transforming Health Care Delivery

A new GIH report describes an innovative and transformative approach to health care delivery called the Nuka System of Care.

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Reimagining a Patient-Centered Health Care System

NYSHealth’s approach for putting patients at the center is to support efforts–at the individual, system, or policy level—that empower patients to be drivers of and partners in their own health and health care.

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Health Philanthropy in 2017

In 2017, every American community will be affected by changes to the health policy landscape. Major modifications of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are already under consideration, while other new or revised policies with the potential to affect access to health care or coverage may be revealed in time.

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