Upcoming Webinars and Calls

Impacts of Rising Uninsured Rates and COVID-19 on Latino Children and Families

Join this webinar for an overview of the health coverage status of Latino children and families, including opportunities to support and advocate for this vulnerable population.

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Looking Ahead: The New Administration’s Priorities on Children and Families’ Health Coverage

Join this webinar for a briefing on the national landscape of children’s health coverage, the projected priorities of the incoming administration, and opportunities for funders to protect and defend access for children.

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Care for the Seriously Ill in Low-Income Communities

Join us for a discussion of two trailblazing programs that are addressing the care needs of the most vulnerable and seriously ill. This session explored how each program works, how palliative care can be effective in addressing disparities and social determinants of health, and how grantmakers can play a vital role.

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Investing in Change: Advocacy Strategies for Funders

Access this on-demand webinar to learn the dos and don’t of policy engagement for health philanthropies.

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Roles for Health Funders in Ensuring the Equitable Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccine

In this interactive discussion funders learned more about the status of states’ implementation plans and how health funders can aid states in meeting the ethical and logistical challenges to equitable vaccine distribution during all phases of the vaccination effort.

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Leadership Discussion on Rural Health

During this second conversation of GIH’s leadership series on rural health, GIH President and CEO Cara James held a discussion with leaders to identify pressing rural health issues to address in 2021, and which issues philanthropy is best positioned to address, with an eye toward collective action.

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Care Partners: Bridging Families, Clinics, and Communities to Advance Late-Life Depression Care – Lessons Learned

On this webinar, participants joined GIH for an important conversation about the successes and challenges in implementing collaborative care interventions, the key lessons learned to date, and next steps to improve late-life depression care.

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CEO Working Group on Access and Coverage

GIH has launched a quarterly call series for CEO Working Group on Access and Coverage members to strategize about philanthropy’s role during these challenging times.

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Complex Needs Through a Health Equity Lens: What Can Philanthropy Actually Do?

Participants learned about specific efforts to link a systems approach with activities on the ground and to discuss examples of how local communities can make a difference in the lives of those that are usually left behind.

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Post-Election Discussion: Moving Forward on Health Care

On this webinar, participants learned key insights into the prospects for increasing health care access, advancing health equity, and improving the delivery system. Participants heard innovative messaging research that suggests how to engage the broadest possible audience on these critical issues.

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The Future of the Affordable Care Act

This webinar provided an analysis of the most recent Supreme Court case to decide the future of the Affordable Care Act.

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