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Potomac Health Foundation

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grantmaker focus: Elizabeth Krause

Perigee Fund

What’s exhilarating about being a new and nimble funder is that we are not entrenched in outdated philanthropic ways. Each day we build toward our values and aspirations with our practices.

Grantmaker focus by Randall Russell

Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg

Data from across our county tell us that stress, disease, and other repercussions of discrimination take their toll on the health of Black people at an alarming rate. That is why the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg prioritizes race equity as we pursue health equity to improve population health. This necessitates working with our community to challenge the status quo and confront systems that perpetuate inequality and reinforce advantages and disadvantages along racial lines. It is relentless, slow work but necessary to create the lasting change residents deserve. We are and will be community-led by listening deeply for lived experience and solutions from the community.

Grantmaker focus by Korab Zuka

Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Gilead knows that it will take more than medicine to end some of the greatest public health crises of our time. The social, economic, and political factors that drive infectious disease epidemics present formidable challenges to our work. But together–in partnership with communities most directly impacted–program by program, we can help improve health outcomes for the most marginalized populations and help change lives.

Grantmaker focus by Erin Jackson-Ward


The beauty of philanthropy lies in its inherent flexibility and ability to adapt. We have an obligation to “meet this moment”—a moment of dual public health crises: COVID-19 and race equity—and an opportunity to change the landscape, dynamics, culture, and outcomes of our field. In times of crisis, where innovation and collaboration across systems are enhanced, I am reminded why I chose public health as a career and am committed to adapt, listen, andcontinue support for the most vulnerable.

Grantmaker focus by Qiana Thomason

Health Forward Foundation

As we continue our work, Health Forward Foundation will center racial equity in our core competencies of leadership, advocacy, and resources. Practicing racial equity means that we will work to create the conditions in which one’s racial identity has absolutely no influence on their ability to thrive. This aspiration requires Health Forward to be the change we wish to see by ensuring racial equity becomes our very ethos.

Grantmaker Focus by John Lumpkin

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic is becoming the defining moment of our time. And so too will the response. Coming through to the other side will take the collective effort of all sectors – including philanthropy – both in the now and in the rebuilding that will follow.


ClearWay Minnesota

For more than two decades, ClearWay Minnesota has led the fight against Minnesota’s top preventable cause of death and disease: commercial tobacco use. Our scope is among the broadest of any tobacco control organization in the country. The work we led has prevented thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of hospitalizations, and saved billions in worker productivity and health care costs.

grantmaker focus by Serena Moy

Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation

We have learned that case management and supportive services, along with assistance navigating access to affordable health care, are vital to improving the ability of those who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, to find and maintain stable housing. With this new focus, we can experiment with funding novel and creative approaches to the safety net of housing and health care services available in our community.


HMSA Foundation

HMSA Foundation aims to serve all the people of Hawaiʻi by lifting up and strengthening powerful community practices that can be emulated or will lead to system changes that have a profound impact on health.

Grantmaker Focus by Peggy Maguire

Cambia Health Foundation

Cambia Health Foundation serves health care consumers and their caregivers across the United States through investments in palliative care program development, workforce capacity, and leadership development.


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