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Foundation Operations

The challenges facing foundations as organizations include board issues, finances, grantmaking, evaluation, and communications.  GIH addresses these challenges in ways that enhance funders' abilities to make a difference in the health of the populations and communities they serve. GIH programming includes hands-on technical assistance, webinars, and surveys on trends in the field of health philanthropy.

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Issue Spotlight

December 2018

The Atlantic Philanthropies is the largest foundation to fully commit its assets over a fixed period of time. Atlantic Insights: Operating for Limited Life, examines how the foundation operationalized its limited life span. From developing exist strategies to managing the foundation’s assets during the wind-down period, the report offers lessons learned and insights from a variety different challenges faced by the organization.

March 2018

Finding Leverage Over the Social Determinants of Health: Insights from a Study of 33 Conversion Foundations by Doug Easterling and Laura McDuffee at Wake Forest School of Medicine explores the strategies employed by conversion foundations as they seek to influence the social determinants of health at the community level. The study, which focuses on 33 conversion foundations in 25 states, reveals how foundations are stimulating change across a broad spectrum of social and economic factors such as opportunities for job training, access to quality childcare, increasing civic engagement, improving high school graduation rates, and making it easier for ex-offenders to re-enter their communities.

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