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Health Reform

Health reform involves extending insurance coverage and restructuring the health care delivery system to focus on prevention and primary care, reducing costs, and improving quality. Foundations are well positioned to help by educating consumers, supporting state implementation, transforming the safety net, expanding the health care workforce, and supporting innovations for high-cost patients.

In 2010 GIH established the GIH Health Reform Resource Center Fund, which allows GIH to increase staff resources and programming in order to inform and connect funders supporting work related to health reform.

Contact Ann McMillan for more information about our programming in this area.

Issue Spotlight

April 2016

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the Urban Institute has published an analysis of the characteristics of those remaining uninsured after implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s coverage provisions. Researchers also analyze the characteristics of two subpopulations that they posit are those for whom additional outreach and enrollment efforts are likely to be most successful: those eligible for Medicaid/CHIP but not enrolled and those who are both eligible for Marketplace tax credits and have incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. They present potential targeted outreach strategies based on the characteristics of these groups.

April 2016

A new State Health Reform Assistance Network issue brief developed by Manatt Health provides an update to an April 2015 report, and examines data regarding Medicaid expansion in eleven states, demonstrating that states continue to realize budget savings and revenue gains as a result of expanding Medicaid. Savings and increased revenue in expansion states fall into three major categories, including state savings from accessing enhanced federal matching funds, state savings from replacing general funds with Medicaid funds, and revenue gains through assessments or fees on providers and/or health plans.

Upcoming Events

  • Webinar
    May 19, 2016 2:00 pm

    Join your grantmaking colleagues for a strategic conversation about making progress toward expanding Medicaid eligibility in the 19 remaining states. Participants will discuss such questions as: Which stakeholders are moving the issue forward and what role can foundations play? What are the conditions that enable expansion?

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