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Public Policy and Advocacy Strategies

Public policy engagement is a key strategy for ensuring sustainable improvements in population health. As a result, health philanthropy plays a vital and unique role in the public policy process. GIH works to build understanding between health grantmakers and policymakers, and supports grantmakers in their efforts to advance policy change.

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Issue Spotlight

April 2019

A new Alliance for Justice blog post explores the distinctions between private foundations and charitable LLCs. Although there is no legal definition of “charitable LLC”, this informal term is used to refer to LLCs that engage in charitable or philanthropic endeavors. Read the post to learn more about how these emerging organizations compare and contrast to traditional philanthropy.

March 2019

Trust for America’s Health created the Promoting Health and Cost Control in States (PHACCS) initiative to provide state leaders with policy recommendations that both promote healthy lifestyles and control costs. The first publication of the PHACCS initiative, "Promoting Health and Cost Control: How States Can Improve Community Health and Well-Being Through Policy Change", identifies key evidence-based and -informed policies and provides detailed information on recommended policies, including descriptions of the policies, summaries of the health and economic evidence, case examples, and considerations for implementation.

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