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Exploring GIH’s Policy Priorities for 2023

GIH has developed a policy agenda that explicitly identifies our public policy priorities for the coming year. This policy agenda will guide our programming, communications, and advocacy efforts. During this session, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about GIH’s public policy goals and objectives for 2023 and provide input on our activities to…

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Achieving Mission Through Impact Investing

On this audioconference, participants heard Lisa Richter of GPS Capital Partners, as well as Philip Belcher and Margaret Laws, who have used impact investing strategies as tools to help achieve their foundations’ missions.

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Grantmaking in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

On this webinar, we discussed the purpose and activities of the CAM Funders Network and review recent surveys related to in integrative medicine.

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Constructing Grantmaking Strategies in Challenging Times

On this audioconference, participants talked to their colleagues about ideas and efforts to construct short- and long-term grantmaking strategies in challenging times. The discussion was led by Kim VanPelt of St. Luke’s Health Initiatives, a Phoenix-based public foundation focused on Arizona health policy and strength-based community development.

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Exploring the Relationship Between Community Organizing and Health Advocacy

Who: Jim Keddy, The California Endowment Scott Reed, PICO National Network What: Community organizing and advocacy are often described as intrinsically related yet fundamentally distinct strategies to bring about societal change. While health funders are increasingly active in advocating for public policies that advance community health, investments in community organizing have been less widely pursued….

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The NPA: Supporting Collective Impact on Health Equity

This webinar provided an overview of the NPA, including discussions regarding how philanthropic organizations can engage with other entities and sectors through the NPA for greater collective impact on achieving health equity.

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Using Data to Improve Community Health

This webinar explored the Network of Care for Healthy Communities, an innovative, interactive, Web-based tool that uses local data to help residents, advocates, researchers, and policymakers understand how their community is doing on key health indicators, and connects them to an inventory of local resources, evidence-based practices from across the country, and pending state and federal legislation.

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Preventing Bullying: It Is Time to Take a Stand

On this webinar, participants learned more about bullying, including the effects and ramifications it has on the lives of the people it touches.

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The Relationship between Food Access, Food Insecurity, and Obesity

On this webinar, Christine Olson of the workshop’s planning committee examined the evidence connecting food insecurity and food access to obesity, and Allison Bauer shared information on The Boston Foundation’s work related to food access and offered recommendations for addressing food insecurity.

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Investing in Health Care Quality and Patient Safety

This webinar described the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ “Partnership for Patients” Campaign and the Michigan Keystone Intensive Care Unit Project (recently evaluated in both the Archives of Internal Medicine and the British Medical Journal).

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Partnership for a Healthier America: A Briefing for Funders

This webinar reviewed the Partnership for a Healthier America’s activities to date, plans for moving forward, and ideas for engaging the private sector in your community.

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